Lifting Injuries

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Discover How to Alleviate Lifting-Related Pain Naturally, Effectively and Maintain Your Workout Routine!

Picture this: you’re on your regular run or hitting the gym, fully engaged in your workout, when suddenly, an excruciating pain surges through your body. Hoping it will subside by the next day, you brush it off, only to find the pain persisting when you wake up the following morning. Weeks go by, and the pain lingers, hindering your ability to lift weights without discomfort.

Concerned, you seek medical advice, and the doctors recommend the usual course of action: rest, apply ice, and refrain from weightlifting as it’s deemed “harmful to your body.” They may even prescribe anti-inflammatories and pain relievers. Reluctantly, you comply with their suggestions, temporarily stopping your beloved workouts.

Eventually, as the pain subsides, you believe you’re ready to resume your training and lifting routine. However, to your dismay, the pain reemerges as soon as you return to the swing of things. Frustration mounts, leaving you uncertain about how to proceed.

This Is The Destructive Pattern That Many Individuals Find Themselves Trapped In.

They experience significant pain, leading them to seek help from healthcare professionals who advise them to rest and cease their training. As a result, they begin to experience some relief. Unfortunately, this approach often leads to a loss of strength, muscle mass, and conditioning and fails to address the underlying issues within their bodies. Once they start feeling better, they attempt to resume weightlifting, only to find the pain resurfacing, initiating the cycle once more. This is a common scenario that many of our clients have encountered before seeking our assistance.

So, What Sets Us Apart?

Our clients discover that when they come to us, they receive a personalized plan tailored to their specific needs. This plan helps alleviate their pain and focuses on building strength and enhancing overall well-being. Consequently, when their pain is resolved and they return to their regular training routine, they can do so without experiencing a recurrence.

If You're Currently Dealing With A Lifting Injury, Here Are Seven Possible Reasons Why It Might Be Persisting Longer Than Expected:

  1. You hoped the injury would resolve independently, but it didn’t.
  2. Despite visiting a doctor who prescribed rest and painkillers, the medication provided no relief, and the pain returned once it wore off.
  3. Family members or friends may have dismissed your pain, attributing it to the normal discomfort associated with weightlifting.
  4. You sought help from other healthcare professionals or physical therapists in the past, but their advice or treatments didn’t yield positive results.
  5. Attempting exercises from YouTube videos either had no effect or worsened your pain.
  6. Resting seemed logical due to the intensity of your pain, but it only left you feeling more stiff and tight.
  7. Opting for massages as a potential solution offered temporary relaxation but failed to provide long-term pain relief.

We would be delighted to assist you if any of these scenarios resonate with you. We invite you to book a call with our weightlifting injury specialist, who can offer guidance on addressing your situation. The fact that you’ve already explored these options is beneficial because it brings you closer to finding an effective solution.

Click the link below to schedule a complimentary call with us. During this conversation, we will provide valuable advice over the phone. There is no obligation to book any appointments with us afterward; our aim is to assist you in making an informed decision about your next steps.

Suppose you’re interested in discovering how the physical therapists at Be Ready Performance Therapy can help alleviate your pain. In that case, we encourage you to begin with a completely free and risk-free appointment at one of our clinics:

Please note: The Free Discovery Visit session is specifically designed for individuals who may feel nervous or skeptical about physical therapy, uncertain about its benefits, or unsure if it is the right choice for them. Let’s start with a Free Discovery Visit session if this resonates with you. This way, we can collaborate with you to determine the root cause of your issue and explore potential solutions, all without any financial risk on your part.

So, The Next Question On Your Mind Might Be:

"How Can Choosing To See A Physical Therapist At Be Ready Performance Therapy Help You Overcome Your Lifting Injury In Just A Few Days?"

Here are some of the ways our physical therapy team can assist you:

Ultimately, assist you in regaining a life free from weightlifting-related pain.

If you’re curious about the cost and availability of our services at our physical therapy clinics in Nashville and Brentwood, Tennessee, simply click the button below and fill out the short form. We will provide you with the necessary information:

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