Insurance Reimbursement

What Makes Be Ready Performance Therapy Different

Our patients can seek reimbursement TWO primary ways:

1. Fill out a claim form for your specific insurance.

This is a form you send to your insurance company that lists how much you paid for PT, and when you received services.

You will also need to submit a superbill (receipt) that you can ask us for along with your claim form. Some insurance companies have electronic claim forms, while others must be physically mailed in.

2. Use services such as SuperBill to submit claims on your behalf.

This company charges a small fee but takes out some of the administrative hassle. They have a monthly rate of $8.99 that may be cancelled at any time. We usually tell patients to expect to use 2-3 months worth of their services for a typical plan of care. We do not receive referral fees from this service and are not affiliated.

Note: Be Ready PT does not guarantee reimbursement. Insurance companies are liable to make judgements about reimbursement that as a provider Be Ready PT cannot predict. All judgements regarding reimbursement should be considered between only the member and the insurance company.
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